Resolve Unwrapped: State of BIM in VR in 2023

An overview of Resolve's updates in 2023. Over 1,600 projects used Resolve to review BIM in VR. Try the Quest app today.

As the year draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey of Resolve this year. Our revolutionary VR engine is transforming the BIM review process for construction projects. Resolve is the only app on the Meta Quest store that can open huge BIM files without needing to tether to a PC or cutting up the model. That’s why over $30B in construction projects around the world have used Resolve to improve the quality of their BIM reviews.

If you’re not familiar with Resolve you can start by watching our new app trailer that we launched this year:

Let's unwrap the progress we made in 2023.

2023 by the numbers

As we look back at this year, the numbers speak volumes:

Over 1,600 projects reviewed in VR.

Resolve has been embraced by industry professionals from 39 countries.

From food processing facilities to data centers to hospitals and beyond, we’re proud to be helping the world design and build critical infrastructure.

And finally, as a testament to the power of our technology the largest model reviewed with Resolve on a standalone Quest was a staggering 1 billion polygon Navisworks file. That was done without a connection to a PC and without any GPU cloud streaming. Who’s ready to break that record next year?

Resolve launched for AECO this year

After a few years of refining our product with early access partners, this year we opened up Resolve to more companies with new team license options. Now AECO companies can more easily adopt Resolve and supercharge their BIM reviews with VR.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and as we made Resolve available to more companies in the industry the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

It is clear to us that for years the industry has been wanting to enhance the quality of model walkthroughs with VR, but clunky tech and time-consuming processes have held it back. With Resolve’s proprietary Wellington Engine tech teams no longer have to worry about set up or limitations to using VR. It just works. 

For a deeper dive into how Resolve has been enhancing their VR experience, visit our testimonial page here:

Case Studies and Shout Outs

We're proud to have been featured in several industry leading publications and events. 

Resolve was featured not once but twice on the Meta for Work blog.

One article showcases how Mortenson construction is saving money on construction projects using the Quest + Resolve for VR walkthroughs. 

Read the full article here:

Hoe Mortenson Quest VR gebruikt voor 3D-modellen | Meta for Work
Meer informatie over hoe Mortenson Quest VR gebruikt voor 3D-modellen in het bouwproces, waarmee cruciale problemen tijdens de ontwerpfasen worden voorkomen.

We also had the chance to present at Data Center World 2023 to highlight VR reviews on a large data center project. A single issue discovered on that project was worth $26,500!

Here are a few of our favorite LinkedIn shout outs from industry-leaders pioneering the use of virtual reality reviews:

Ibsecad on LinkedIn: #oculas #resolve #digitalconstruction #digitalbuildingsolutions…
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Joshua Weyand on LinkedIn: #constructioninnovation #contech #virtualreality #vr #buildingthefuture
Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to delve into the Mesquite Government Center in VR alongside the Resolve team, and I have to say, I was entirely…
Atharva Ganegaonkar on LinkedIn: Got to try out the Meta Quest 3 at work! Paired with Resolve, it's going…
Got to try out the Meta Quest 3 at work! Paired with Resolve, it's going to be a gamechanger not just in BIM coordination and design reviews, but O&M and QA/QC…
Mccorvey Sheet Metal Works Lp on LinkedIn: #mccorveysheetmetal #constructionindustry #bimmodeling
Innovation and technology meet the construction industry! Utilizing the power of BIM and VR to transform construction into a digital world of efficiency and…

Product Updates

Throughout the year, Resolve has introduced game-changing features designed to streamline the BIM review process. Below are some of the major improvements we launched.

Quest 3 and passthrough augmented reality

This year the Resolve app was updated to support the highly-anticipated Quest 3. With Resolve on the Quest 3 your can review BIM files smoother than ever before. Resolve also supports Quest 3’s passthrough augmented reality so you can see the world around you while reviewing and overlay equipment on the real world. We’re excited to expand on this capability next year.

Resolve on LinkedIn: Virtual reality and augmented reality with Resolve on Quest 2 and Quest Pro
Did you know the Resolve app can do both #VR and #AR? With Quest's passthrough functionality you can open huge #Navisworks files or other #BIM formats and view…

ACC Integration

We have expanded Resolve’s capabilities from BIM 360 to also support new Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) projects. We upgraded our support for viewing models hosted on ACC and syncing VR annotations back to ACC issues.

Procore Integration

At Procore Groundbreak 2023 we debuted our Procore Integration so that Procore-hosted BIM can be reviewed in VR and Procore Coordination Issues can be created from items found in VR. 

Offline Mode

Resolve’s industry-leading Wellington Engine, which powers the rendering of huge BIM files on wireless VR headsets, made a major advancement this year with the addition of an offline mode. Once a file is downloaded to your device it is rendered from the device itself and now you can review a project with nothing more than your Quest headset and controllers - you don’t need wifi!

Issue Tracking Integrations

As more construction projects begin to tap into Resolve’s virtual review capabilities we continue to expand on our integrations with industry tools. This year we began to develop and document more workflows to show end to end VR workflows with popular tools like Revizto, Newforma Konekt, ACC, and Procore. Check out our workflow video series to learn more:

Looking Ahead to 2024

The future is bright for Resolve as we continue to innovate and push the industry forward. We are looking forward to continuing our work with our customers, existing and new, to improve project delivery and increase engagement with BIM. 

Here are a few product initiatives we’re excited about for next year.

Apple Vision Pro

The upcoming Apple Vision Pro is an exciting leap forward for the industry. We are excited to explore what Resolve might look like on the Apple Vision Pro and how we can take advantage of the new workflows it unlocks.

New and better integrations

We're also working on expanding our compatibility with industry tools, ensuring that Resolve remains at the forefront of BIM review workflows. Whether it’s getting the data you need into Resolve or getting issues out of Resolve we want to keep developing seamless integrations so you can get work done without worrying about data clean up and transfer.

A new evolution of the Wellington Engine

We will continue to focus on best-in-class rendering of huge BIM files. We’re going to keep pushing the limits of what is possible with standalone VR headsets so you can leverage VR with minimal hassle. And we’re aiming to take that accessibility a step further by bringing Resolve’s technology to your web browser.

This year has been a milestone for Resolve, and we can't wait to see what 2024 holds. Thank you to all of our customers, partners, and collaborators for being part of our journey. Here's to building the future, one virtually reviewed building at a time.

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Resolve builds software that makes 3D building information models more accessible so teams can find critical issues that save time and money on new construction. Resolve's Wellington Engine can render large BIM files on the standalone VR devices making it a scalable, easy to use solution for project teams. Resolve is used by leaders spanning industries like food & beverage, water treatment, data centers, biopharmaceuticals, and green energy.